I have over 15 years of experience working in the NHS as a Clinical Psychologist, privately as a Clinical Psychologist and as a Sports Psychologist. I'm based in London, UK, but  also help by Skype, Zoom and the phone. So, wherever you are, help is available. 


I aim to help to assess your problem area, so you understand what's going on, generate a plan to address it, see real improvements, become better, more resilient and self-reliant for the future. 

I usually work over a relatively short period. As we both want to see results quickly. I'm happy with that. In fact, some clients can get the help they seek in a session or two.


Alternatively, we can work over a longer time period, if that is what you want and that your difficulty requires - or because after being successful, we move on to improve other areas that are limiting. 


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Coronavirus COVID-19 update:
Appointments are now available in person in East Dulwich (SE22 0NF), and remotely using virtual platforms.
Help is available, wherever you are.